Maxim shifts to new data centre

23 June 2017

Our hosting partner ITCO is moving Maxim's servers to Datacom's Kapua Data Centre in Hamilton - one of the most secure and resilient centres in New Zealand.

What does this change mean? 
Maxim has always been hosted in a secure and resilient environment, however the move to Kapua Data Centre will add extra layers of protection for our Maxim environment.

The Kapua Data Centre is designed to be fault tolerant, and is located along the main fibre optic pipeline for internet network providers. With multiple different fiber optic internet providers connecting to the data centre, this provides greater internet resiliency.

There are also Datacom staff on site 24/7, in the event that anything happens there are staff ready to respond to the incident straight away.

What does this change mean for you?
During the change over to the new centre, there will be a planned outage of Maxim. This will take place from 4pm tomorrow (24 June) until 9am on Sunday (25 June). This will affect Maxim, Maxim Apps, Customer Portals and Schools Portal. 

Do I need to do anything when I connect to Maxim again?
No, Maxim access will not have changed. You can connect as you would normally.