Why Maxim for specialist retail?

Maxim is integrated with business processes and systems for more accurate and reliable information used to measure KPIs and set profitable margins.   


Retail Point of Sale (POS) and in-store systems

Maxim POS is a feature-rich system that can be configured to meet your unique business requirements, including customer pricing.  Its real-time, central lookup features include multiple stock locations, powerful product search features and order and return management features.

Maxim POS is fully integrated with all Maxim modules and has a full complement of back office options and reports to easily manage retail stores.

Online portals

With Maxim you can open up data to your customers and sales reps via online portals with unique preferences and price settings so they can research prices and create their own quotes.


Maxim offers you a full range of functionality to manage your supply chain from customer sale orders, supplier purchasing to shipping of customer orders.  Customer relationship management, business intelligence, real time bin stock takes, product kits and more are included in Maxim’s solutions.

Maxim recognise that many businesses manufacture and distribute their own products.  Our Manufacturing solutions provide an integrated manufacturing and distribution solution.

Inventory Management

Identifying your core products and maintaining their stock levels is key to ensuring your customers don’t purchase from other competitors. Maxim’s automatic order generation for purchase orders ensures your customers are kept happy.  With this feature, you can set economic order quantities and minimum and maxim stock levels.

Maxim’s Mobile Inventory App provides busy retail stores with the flexibility to receipt purchases and control inventory in real time using handheld computers.

Ensuring pricing is correct, identifying products using supplier barcodes and appropriate shelf labels are also key components of Maxim’s inventory management module.


Over a number of decades, Maxim has developed its solution around medium to large building trade supply companies such as timber and hardware merchants throughout New Zealand, including ITM and Trade Zone stores.

Having worked with these specialist wholesalers and retailers Maxim understand the issues in a tight market where pricing is competitive and margins are low. Businesses need reliable accurate information and a firm grasp on their margins at product, category and customer level. They also need to provide the best service to customers and ensure sales people are following the rules.

An important part of the Maxim solution is to help businesses get accurate starting data - products, categories, sub categories, pricing, markups, discounts, special customer pricing, customer information and contacts. It’s all about the data, data structures and margin reporting, alongside the understanding of business processes and requirements. Maxim’s software and apps help achieve these goals.

  • “Maxim spend time with us to understand how we can put ideas into practice with the flexibility of tailored solutions.”

    “We are a unique business with a unique product and Maxim have a good understanding of our business and work with us to design and deliver bespoke solutions that are dynamic and enable good business decisions.”

    Andrew Cranswick, Commercial Manager, Tumu Timbers

  • "We have a complex manufacturing process requiring integrated job costing for producing parts to be used in client jobs.  Maxim is an in-depth piece of software which enables lots of reporting, is easy to train people to use and provides secure remote access and continued service."

    David Pugh, Systems Administration Manager, Gamminco

  • “With the ability to understand our processes and develop niche software applications around it, Maxim has developed their solution over time to fit all our business units.

    Maxim’s strategic advantage is their customisable solutions and unique understanding of the building industry. They are a good fit for us and it would be difficult to find a replacement.”

    Paul Reeve, Financial Controller, TUMU Group

  • “Maxim provide genuine flexibility that most off-the-shelf products aren’t able to offer.”

    “With Maxim we have a partnership where we work together to adapt and develop solutions around the needs of our business and customers.”

    Campbell Waugh, Managing Director, Education Finance