Product Solutions

Business and accounting

Run on a secure platform, Maxim is a powerful business and accounting software for small to medium-sized businesses that allows businesses to run from one integrated application.

Maxim manages, processes and reports on business data that originates from all areas of a company’s operation.  These data sources can be both simple and complex.

Maxim is most suitable for:

  • timber processing
  • manufacturing
  • specialised retail and distribution
  • engineering, electricians, locksmiths and other trades.

Automation of basic accounting functions such as general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, revenues and expenses is important.  However, maximum business efficiency is derived only when key business operations such as customer pricing intelligence, job costing and inventory management are automated.

While inventory management is one of Maxim’s strengths, Maxim deals with all possible types of business structures, from single site to multiple branches, multi locations, multi-company or multi anything:

  • Maxim's integrated foreign exchange allows for a corporate group structure across different countries.
  • one product or client file can be shared across multiple companies.

Maxim apps and tools can input and create data into graphical representations and drill down into data to cut it whichever way you need it whether for customers, suppliers, inventory, quotes or jobs.

Secure cloud solutions

Maxim is accessed through a secure cloud based environment.  This takes advantage of technologies where you’re wanting a solution that adds real business value and delivers a consistent user experience.

Maxim provides small and medium sized businesses with access to the functionality and technology that is typically only available to big businesses, at a more reasonable price point.  By utilising a cloud based platform, we save you money, improve your business’ operational efficiency and increase the performance, scalability and reliability of mission critical applications.

With Maxim customer driven changes can be deployed quickly which helps with the overall customer experience.

Application up-time

Maxim has the tools, technologies and experience to help avoid unplanned downtime with options for disaster recovery.


Maxim can focus time and effort where it counts - on innovation.  Maxim customers don't have to spend resources on replacing servers and maintaining infrastructure that does not add any value.

As well as providing access to its core software ERP product Maxim provides integrated access to other specialised software and services including:

  • cash forecasting

  • online analytical processing (selectively extract and view data from different points of view) producing spreadsheets, reports and graphs

  • document management

  • CRM interface.

  • Maxim technology is used to provide the following capabilities:

    • allow users to connect to the Maxim app via Android and iOS mobile devices

    • Connect in real time to handheld computers with scanning capabilities.  This adds value to businesses in inventory management, purchasing and inwards goods, point of sale and dispatch functions

    • Provide secure client internet access for selective functions using a Rich Internet Application (RIA).


Security of data and security of access to that data is protected in the following ways:

  • only users you authorise have access
  • unauthorised access by electronic means, user tampering or physical access is secured using best practice standards
  • data backups are retained on local and remote electronic storage
  • for disaster recovery, all data is replicated to a duplicate server environment in Auckland.

Mobile solutions

With Maxim you can open up data to your customers and sales reps via online portals from any device – mobile or desktop.  Portals can be set with unique preferences and price settings so your staff or customers can research prices and create their own quotes.

Mobile apps integration
Whatever a business wants to do, Maxim can define your requirements and build a bespoke application for:

  • job tracking or time management
  • stock-takes
  • customer dispatch
  • stock packet tracking
  • CRM for sales reps (setup auto-visits and reminders, view customer histories).