Why Maxim for job or project based businesses?

Maxim can be customised for job-based businesses that sell a service or charge for time.  From quoting to invoicing to calculating and tracking work in progress and job scheduling, Maxim provides a completely integrated solution where transactions are entered once only.



Our quoting system can deal with quotes for both simple and complex jobs. You can list simple materials and labour or prepare a quote for a new house build where multiple elements such as framing, sub floor or exterior lining are required.

To save you time, automatic purchase orders can be generated in Maxim when products from other suppliers need to be brought in. Material and labour lists supplied by building estimators can also be directly imported into Maxim.


No matter what type of job, Maxim can handle it. Actual charge up, fixed contract, materials quoted, progress claims or quoted price fixed. Quotes are linked to jobs so actual costs can be compared to quoted costs.

Time sheets

Record all staff costs (hours, overtime, allowances) against jobs or directly to a general ledger account. Maxim does the costings and exports the hours and allowances to a payroll such as IMS Payroll.


Maxim’s sub-contractor module tracks costs, payments and invoice progress claims and allows you to create buyer created invoices.

Access Maxim on-the-go

Maxim’s real time Data JobTrack App allows technicians in the field to have access to all the information needed to complete jobs. Real time data ensures that all staff are looking at the same information.


Using kits simplifies the processes required to charge costs to a job. Kits can comprise both material and labour costs.

Service contracts

Maxim’s service calendar will identify when assets need to serviced and alert you to take action. Within Maxim you can also create jobs for technicians and provide detailed instructions.

Over the years working with many job-based businesses Maxim know that effectively managing each job or project is essential.

We have found that there are many ways to use jobs to track costs and revenues even for businesses not traditionally in a job-based business.

Having a disintegrated approach to job management where manual processes, paper-based processes and spreadsheets prevail does not help your margins.  When a staff member leaves, valuable information leaves with that employee and customer relationships can be jeopardised.

Maxim is a totally integrated solution with interdependent functions or modules. After thorough analysis and understanding of your business, Maxim develops a job management system integrated with our accounting system which includes time sheet inputs for importing IMS Payroll.

Maxim’s job management system gives you the control required to increase revenue, maximise profit and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • “Maxim spend time with us to understand how we can put ideas into practice with the flexibility of tailored solutions.”

    “We are a unique business with a unique product and Maxim have a good understanding of our business and work with us to design and deliver bespoke solutions that are dynamic and enable good business decisions.”

    Andrew Cranswick, Commercial Manager, Tumu Timbers

  • "We have a complex manufacturing process requiring integrated job costing for producing parts to be used in client jobs.  Maxim is an in-depth piece of software which enables lots of reporting, is easy to train people to use and provides secure remote access and continued service."

    David Pugh, Systems Administration Manager, Gamminco

  • “With the ability to understand our processes and develop niche software applications around it, Maxim has developed their solution over time to fit all our business units.

    Maxim’s strategic advantage is their customisable solutions and unique understanding of the building industry. They are a good fit for us and it would be difficult to find a replacement.”

    Paul Reeve, Financial Controller, TUMU Group

  • “Maxim provide genuine flexibility that most off-the-shelf products aren’t able to offer.”

    “With Maxim we have a partnership where we work together to adapt and develop solutions around the needs of our business and customers.”

    Campbell Waugh, Managing Director, Education Finance