1. Planning
  2. Data Strategy
  3. Testing & Training
  4. Go Live
  5. Adding Value
  6. Technology Improvement

With Maxim, you’ll be guided through a thorough process from analysis, planning, strategy and testing to full implementation.  Once your system is in place Maxim provide full support.  Through an ongoing partnership, Maxim is continuously looking for ways to improve efficiencies in your business systems and processes.

1. Planning and focus

At Maxim, we know that the planning stage is the most critical to building the foundations for an effective business and accounting solution.   This process also signifies potentially major changes for an organisation so a change co-ordinator is usually identified to support internal buy-in.

The team at Maxim become immersed in your business to get a good understanding of the pain points to be addressed and to identify required outcomes. 

At the end of this stage, you will have a good idea of project timeframes with expectations identified and documented.

2. Data strategy

Business management solutions are all about data so Maxim clearly identifies the data and the data structures to produce the required outputs. At this stage, we’ll also work closely with you to identify missing and incomplete data and solutions to address these and other identified data anomalies.

3. Testing and training

Once the data strategy has been formulated, Maxim will verify that it is correct and complete.  NEED SOMETHING HERE ABOUT TRAINING

4. Go live

Maxim’s expertise and thorough approach mean when your system goes live we will be there every step of the way to ensure the processes required are being followed and actioned.

5. Adding value and gaining value from your data

With the new system in place and with three to four months transactions processed, Maxim prepares and presents the data views and required KPIs. 

6. Continuous improvement

As your technology partner, Maxim keeps you up to date with the latest technologies, continuously on the lookout for opportunities to improve processes and get you closer to your customers. 

To turn your data into meaningful information contact Maxim  to get started with a consultation with one of our experts.